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Jul 5th, 2012

Made a special trip to Tokyo a week ago for a special visit to Warner  Music Japan.

for pet lovers.

Usual long line of queue.

Waiting just to enter.

bumped into Yoko!



Greetings! Thank you Warner Music Japan for your hospitality!

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17 responses to “Visit to Warner Japan, Tokyo”

  1. 舒小 says:


  2. 林小志Ziv says:

    哈哈,我坐了这个JJ BLOG沙发啦!

  3. romanticmysteryy says:

    I thought you were doing shows in China all these time last week! How was the trip? Must be fun and inspiring!

  4. 琥珀色远方GF says:


  5. qiong says:


  6. Say小依 says:


  7. Reb-l_希 says:


  8. Jamie says:


  9. 米梦梦 says:


  10. romanticmysteryy says:

    When did you go? it seems no one knew about the trip… Hope you had fun!

  11. wenxin says:

    Wow! That’s so cool! X)

  12. Lily says:

    It seems you have had a holiday break ! It’s nice and don’t stress yourself too much ^^

  13. 小白妈莉白 says:


  14. shirmy says:


  15. aini says:

    you really good at pohotography JJ ^^
    Happy to know that at least you got break from ur schedule and have some fresh air :DD
    take care please…

  16. Amy says:


  17. 小钰婷、 says:


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