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Sep 10th, 2012

I was invited by China’s <Lifestyle> Magazine to attend this year’s New York Fashion Week.

We took it to the streets on the first day, and New York never fails to amuse me with it’s beautiful sunlight skyscrapers and spirited people.

I was especially inspired by the Y-3 10th Anniversary show, and loved the 2013 colours, especially grey, blue and purple,

which happen to be my favourites for SMG as well.

I loved the overall casual, oversized look of the female collection.

很榮幸今年的 紐約時裝周 受《精品購物指南》時尚雜誌的邀請,來到紐約看2013 的秀!


看了 Y-3 十週年的秀,也得到了不少靈感!我喜歡2013年Y-3的主色系:黑,白,灰,寶藍,紫,橘!這幾個顏色也是


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14 responses to “New York Fashion Week: Y-3”

  1. WENXin says:

    Aaaah. I see long legs everywhere!
    Hehehe. 🙂

  2. huiyah says:

    fashion is everything ~

  3. Wacky Cashew says:

    Really awesome that you got to be a part of this experience, JJ!! Thanks for sharing!! ^^

  4. Lily says:

    really happy that you’ve got inspirations from the show:D looking forward to SMG’s next year collection 😀

  5. Guarding angel says:

    Enjoy your trip, stand by you always! Never change a minute!

  6. Ru'En says:

    I’m really happy that you are invited and you went for the Fashion show! The photographs are really well-taken and I’m also glad that you’re getting so international. You’re the pride of Singapore, JJ! Keep it up and JIAYOU. We love you!! <3 take care of ur body too my dear!

  7. 米梦梦 says:

    很棒的秀!玩得开心哦 :)

  8. clara says:

    fashion fashion! wish SMG more and more fashion!

  9. clara says:

    林主席 有个问题 为什么照片只能一张张看 好累!?

  10. greenny says:

    I love the black/white collection~ so cool~

  11. tiantian says:


  12. 林小志Ziv says:

    真是非常期待2013 SMG的发展!会不会也随着2013的流行色进行设计啊?

  13. yili要加油 says:


  14. Jamie says:

    expect the SMG show!

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