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Jan 20th, 2013

timekeeper book


Sun Dial (source: http://www.crystalinks.com/clocks.html)


Egyptian Water Clock (source: http://www.crystalinks.com/clocks.html)


The Time Keeper (source: http://kamilogy.wikia.com/)


I’ve always been intrigued by the subject of “time”. Time is invisible, yet so crucial in life. Recently, a book about time struck me and kept me thinking about the meaning of our existence- “The Timekeeper” by Mitch Albom.

Time is something people value differently. Sometimes we see time as the essence of life, constantly wishing we had more, to do more, to fulfill more, to live more. Other times we dread the passing of time, wishing we could fast forward our days, to give anything for our problems to end now.

With the discovery of how to record time, we start to countdown to every significant moment in life. On the other hand, we remember time, by freezing moments in our minds, through art, photography, songs, music, books and film.

In fact, everything we do is a reflection of time passed and anticipation of what is to come.

Sometimes, I’d like to believe that we have trapped ourselves to time itself. A love-hate relationship.

Because of time, everything has a limit. Every person becomes precious. Every moment earns its value, and life earns its purpose.

But with time, we also learn the pain of losing someone, we begin to hold on to things that we treasure, because we realize that nothing can last forever, except change itself. So, we are enlightened, so we regret, so we hope flr better days.

For me, aside from visual expression through camera lens and pencil sketches, the fundamental of expression for me, is sound and music, as well as the power of the lyric.

I write, so I remind myself of the times we’ve cried in pain, so as not to hurt again.

The antagonizing moments which I used to scream and pray would pass quickly,

would be the same moments I eventually miss after the pain has gone away.


I sing, to remember these scars,

To celebrate these memories.


















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20 responses to “We Are The Keepers Of Our Own Time / 我們是自己的時光守護者”

  1. 洗米 says:

    真是個好文章! 要好好把握時間 操之在己!

  2. tiantian says:


  3. 小涵 says:


  4. 曦雯 says:

    日记,是我记录时间的本能方式。 🙂

    正因为有音乐、摄影、书籍、录影等这么多的记录方式,我们的世界才这么丰富多彩。 而时间带给我们的伤痛,让我们学会不浪费太多时间在没意义的事情上,也学会要好好的珍惜每一个现在。

  5. chene says:

    喜欢看你写这样的文章 很深刻
    对这本书蛮感兴趣的 不过似乎大陆没有……
    我记得有首歌叫 管理时间的人~应该是差不多的意思吧

  6. Greenny says:

    人的一生時間彷如一條直線,隨機散落滿地。有的錯中交集相衝磨損,在彼此身上留下烙印。有些垂直相吸改變方向… 沒有一條線可以永久不動。所有的相遇都會留下跟別人碰撞後的痕跡。而這些深淺不一的痕跡便是我們珍惜或怨恨的片刻。

  7. Wacky Cashew says:

    Such a beautiful and insightful sharing! ^^ Keep recording these moments in life to treasure every memory of pain and joy! =)

  8. clara says:


  9. Wenxin says:

    Wow. That was really deep, and inspiring at the same time.
    This particular sentence was the one I could relate to the most, “But with time, we also learn the pain of losing someone, we begin to hold on to things that we treasure, because we realize that nothing can last forever, except change itself.”
    Continue writing down these moments, JJ, and thank you, for sharing them with us, and letting your story become our story, for letting your songs define moments in our lives.
    加油!:) <3

  10. Radar says:


  11. 林小志Ziv says:


  12. 米梦梦 says:


  13. grace says:

    Time is said to be the fairest of all, as we all have the same amount of time everyday regardless of who we are and what we do. It’s what we do with our time, what happens to us during that time and the time that we take to reflect on all those that then somehow defines who we are eventually.. Hence the varying results despite having the exactly same amount of time in every single person’s day.

  14. grace says:

    Reminds me of 24.

  15. HHK says:

    That was so inspiring, just like your music. You sing to remember the scars and celebrate the memories, while I listen to your music to relieve my soul from reality. You music allows me to be freed from the constraints of reality, and it is my encouragement which allows to keep on going.
    我爱你,加油 🙂

  16. 罗琳 says:

    好喜欢这篇文章啊!特别是那几段英文,中文是自己翻的的吗?翻的也好棒啊。。。我觉得如果你不是singer就是writer或者是painter…哈哈。。特别庆幸自己听到你的音乐,了解到你,认识到你的精神…记得你在《记得》上说过你希望是一个光明的好榜样,我觉得你真的做到了!你真的很棒,我会向你学习的。谢谢你,带给我的精神和感动!thank you!加油!PS:好期待小十哦!

  17. Grace says:

    When I first read this post 2 years ago, I didn’t really get it. Now as I reread it again and again to write my own interpretation of time after watching Interstellar, only now I realize how much have I been taking time (and a lot of other things in my life) for granted.

  18. Grace says:


  19. Grace says:

    [hugs] =)

  20. Grace says:

    God exists outside of time, and by the nature of how He designed us to be like Him, I think the same should be for us too. That is, with us being His children through Jesus Christ, through whom all things were made (although I still do not understand this). Yet we are all here, living within the constraints of time. I personally love to collect moments too, though rather idiosyncratically, but I would now prefer to think of time as a passage of life here on earth. A path or a tunnel perhaps, that we have no choice but to walk on or through, experiencing all sorts of 喜怒哀乐酸甜苦辣上上下下东南西北.. There has to be a purpose for all these. A much greater purpose that any or even all of our human minds can ever imagine.

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