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Mar 29th, 2013

The long awaited Leica M (type 240), or M10, successor to the M9 has finally released. Among the many new features introduced in the “digitization” of the camera, what excites me most is the introduction of the 1080p Full HD movie recording.

Finally Leica M users would be able to actually shoot movies using the smallest full-frame camera in the world, through the Leica lenses. No more hassle of having to fit mounts on SLRs for video recording.

Focusing on the  Leica M has also become more convenient, with the focus assist functions, and the Live View mode. However, I personally still prefer shooting through the standard view finder, as one of the main joys of using the M is using it as a true rangefinder.

There are too many improvements to the M9, and I can’t wait to explore and figure them out one by one. In the meantime, here are my first few shots with the M (240).







First day with the Leica M.







For a full and detailed review about the Leica M (240), check out:


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9 responses to “My Leica M (typ240) / “M10””

  1. greenny says:

    Nice review~ 🙂

  2. Radar says:


  3. Wacky Cashew says:

    Wow, the updated features sound amazing! Looking forward to more shots shared by you! ^^ Keke~

  4. clara says:

    好和谐啊,有拍到歌迷!;)期待更多摄影作品哦~~ ~23333~

  5. Grace says:

    speaking of camera n night view, the other night the moon was big, round n yellow against one of the most perfect nightblue night sky backdrop. i was simply observing such beauty with naked eyes as i walked along the side of a park until my keen eyes spotted this buglike building structure, with the moon by it’s side, it was so surreal! immediately i whipped out my faithful camera phone, hoping against all hope that it could catch the striking sight.

    suffice to say, it couldnt quite catch the color contrast that was so evident to the naked eye. my ancient canon digicam might have done the sight a better justice, alas i didnt have it with me.

    exasperation, i tell u, exasperation!!!

  6. jamie says:


  7. quietedheart says:

    What do you think about film photography?

  8. 森林 says:


  9. 林小志Ziv says:


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