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Oct 15th, 2013

Salute to my fans, 10 years and we’ve come a long way together. Thanks for making every concert so far memorable and legendary for me! See you at the many more stops to come!

10 年的時間不簡單,謝謝你們讓我每一場演唱會意義非凡,帶給我太重要的靈感和感動了!還有很多站,我們繼續創造奇蹟吧!


IMG_9482wtmk IMG_9603wtmk  IMG_9618wtmk

IMG_9492wtmk  IMG_9477wtmk IMG_5850wtmk IMG_9378wtmk IMG_1249wtmkIMG_1432wtmk

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Oct 9th, 2013




2013-09-27 20.18.01 拷貝2013-09-27 15.08.13 拷貝 2013-09-27 15.08.31 拷貝 2013-09-27 15.09.29 拷貝 2013-09-27 15.09.35 拷貝 2013-09-27 15.09.46 拷貝 2013-09-27 15.09.56 拷貝 2013-09-27 15.10.08 拷貝 2013-09-27 15.10.42 拷貝 2013-09-27 15.12.44 拷貝 2013-09-27 15.19.04 拷貝 2013-09-27 15.19.37 拷貝

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Aug 26th, 2013

2013/8/24,SMUDGEstore 在台北 新光三越 南西館 5樓 正式營業!

SMUDGEstore Taipei Nanxi is located on level 5 of ShinKong Mitsukoshi Nanxi.



SMG Bruce.

L1004125wtmk L1004133wtmk L1004141wtmk

SMG lead designer Ming. 設計總監 Ming.

L1004145 - Version 2wtmk



Welcome ! 歡迎光臨!

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Jul 20th, 2013





As I walked out of Ward 11 that night, I had a strong feeling it’ll be the last time I ‘d see her.

Though under heavy doses of Morphine and sleeping pills,
she was still able to call out my name, “ah Mian” (her own distinct way of pronouncing my english name Wayne.)
She responded to my words, even in her semi consciousness state.
“Who am I?"
“Ah Mian “
"Can you hear me?"
"Yes “
"Ah Ma, say something?"
"What do you want me to say?"
I thought for a moment, then said,
"Am I handsome?"
"Yes, handsome"
I kept my questions lifestyle, short and jovial, as if it were on a normal day, because I wanted her to know that I saw her not as a late stage liver cancer patient, but even at that time, she was still the jovial, confident, sensitive, loving and strong Ah Ma I knew since I was born.
We had to lift her up from her lying position to a sitting posture, as she was crying out “hot” every 10 minutes. I knew it wasn’t the physical heat she was referring to, but the discomfort and unexplainable restlessness inside her body. But all we could do was try our very best to make her feel better.
I knew Ah Ma well. She never complained of her condition. Last month during my visit, I asked her if she was feeling better, she replied,
“I’m getting old, that’s all.”
She took life as it came, but she never resigned to her fate. She fought, and fought hard. At home, she would always insist on walking to the toilet by herself without assistance.
She doted on me and my brother when we were still kids. Every Chinese New Year, we would look forward to visiting Ah Ma, because her Ang Paos were always the largest. And when I was even younger, she would always carry me onto her laps and teach me how to be a better person.
“You have to listen to mum always, ok? “
After I started my career as JJ Lin, she would paste newspaper cuttings and posters on the walls and doors of her home, and wait patiently for me to return to Singapore to sign on them. She supported me as a fan would support her idol.
Every concert, besides mum and dad and my brother, I would always be looking for Ah Ma sitting in the front row.
She rooted for me all my life. In return, I promise I will fight for her and myself by living her example, and being the best person I can be, to shine for my family.
Thank you Ah Ma, for all these years of love and support. I love you, and I miss you very much…


出道成為JJ林俊傑之後,阿嬤會在家的門牆上貼滿她收集的剪報和海報 ,耐心地等我回新加坡簽名留念。如同忠實歌迷般地給予我最大的支持。
谢谢你奶奶,谢谢你这些年的照顾和支持, 我永远爱你,
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Jun 12th, 2013

IMG_3712 IMG_3713 IMG_3720 IMG_3730 IMG_3732 IMG_3739 IMG_3758 IMG_3762 IMG_3798 IMG_3813

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