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(點他–>) Maddie on Things 是我2012年來必須要看得一個部落格之一,這個部落格是關於一隻名叫Maddie的狗跟著主人旅遊站在各種物品上面的攝影集,就如這網站的名稱所說,絕大部分的照片都是 Maddie 站在某個物品上面的照片,但他站著的物品們真的都很不簡單(就連是人的我門可能也都站不穩吧)!我真的很佩服他的主人對Maddie的平衡感訓練,每每看著Maddie的照片便會心一笑!



站在冰箱上實在太酷了!喜歡的話請到Maddie的網站看全部的照片噢!(點他–>) Maddie on Things

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So remember next time you’re Stressed, treat yourself with some Desserts.

This year June I travelled to Great Britain with my big brother Eugene. Here’s what went down, at least a really rough summary of it. haha…

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Latest addition to my digital camera collection,

this Fuji X-Pro1 has been on my wish-list since news of its release.

I must say the camera does not disappoint. It produces very crisp images, and with its extremely quick auto-focus, it is light and easy to use.

Feels (and looks) almost like a range finder!

Here are my first few shots using the 35mm/ f1.4 lens.

Taken by myself at arms length away.

Can’t wait for the other 2 lenses to arrive!

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地址:LOGOS GALLERY(ロゴスギャラリー) 渋谷パルコパート1 / B1F
東京都渋谷区宇田川町 15-1


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