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Nov 12th, 2014

“We used to look up at the sky and wonder at our place in the stars, now we just look down and worry about our place in the dirt”


I don’t even know where to begin. I just walked out of the cinema after watching “Interstellar”. It’s 2:30am and I’m sitting in my car alone, asking myself what had just happened to me. These are about the only few things I’m conscious I am doing, besides frantically trying to write and describe my emotions this very moment.

I feel like my whole being has left my body and I am feeling the world around me for the first time. There are beautiful things in life, beautiful objects, animals, nature, and people. But this is the most intriguing and  amazing beauty I have ever, ever witnessed in my entire life. The beauty of not just the visuals I could see before me during the duration of the film, but the beauty of life, imagination, possibilities and impossibilities, hope, and ultimately – love.
This film has triggered the deepest sensations and emotions in a magnitude and a way so unique I have never recognized before. It feels like I just discovered gravity.
To say that this is the most amazing film I have watched in my life is truly an understatement, because it isn’t a film to me. It is a supernatural calling and tugging at my spirit and being, as if there is something strong and more important I need to discover in a totally different dimension from what I have ever imagined and known. It is a place where philosophy and science crosses each other and engages in a wrestling match.
What started off as a solemn, tensed setting for a 3-hr long Christopher Nolan sci-fi blockbuster, eventually turned out to be a huge spiritual revival for me halfway through the movie. The film threw many questions at me- intriguing questions about the concept and understanding of time, space, extraterrestrial life, planets, hope, love and God. Questions about what we hang on to, and what we let go of, and who and what we live for. I believe there is much adjustments to make in life after today.
Interstellar has not only bridged the gap between our explorations of the known and the unknown, but it has also created a new galaxy in my heart and my soul. I will never see our world the same way as before, nor will I ever feel the same about our three-dimensional world. This experience has opened up a black hole of possibilities, and as we enter the black hole in the story, I felt myself crossing over my understanding of life for the past 33 years, bringing me into a new world not bound by human rationalism.
It is ironic how the complexity of deep space exploration, the laws of physics and science are ultimately humbled and explained through something as simple, yet as majestic as love. At the same time it is extremely gratifying to know that something so innate in us, so natural for us, can be the key to being the final and only hope for mankind.
It seems from today onwards I have been inspired to strive to find more different channels- to create, share, and express my heart and soul through music and love. I have been set free.
This isn’t a movie, or rather, this is what a movie should be.
My life will never be the same again.

Christopher Nolan 導演的三小時好萊塢科幻大片,以莊嚴緊湊的開場掀開序幕,進而在不到一半的時候已讓我陷入某種精神復興的狀態。接踵而來的耐人尋味議題不斷充斥著腦海:關於時間、宇宙、空間、不明生物、星球、希望、愛、神;每個議題就像是攤在面前的疑問句,拷問著我們到底在堅持著什麼?放棄了什麼?為了誰/什麼而活著。我知道,這之後,自己的生活必須做出調整。


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9 responses to “Interstellar: “My Life Will Never Be The Same Again” / 我的生命,從此改變。 (updated 2014/12/05)”

  1. Grace says:

    Saw your name, the real one, right in the middle along with the others in the credits towards the end, almost near the name of the poem!

  2. Grace says:

    I was in a daze when I walked out of the cinema, absentmindedly noticing only two things, the deserted floor outside cinema, and then coming to the floors with people here and there. I remember wondering to myself how are each of us connected to each other despite us being strangers?

    I made myself recall both of your write-ups for Interstellar.. I allowed myself to feel what you felt but it was at best temporal. Then I realized with a few dull pangs; it’s temporal because it was what you saw and felt, not mine to begin with. Perhaps due to the huge gap of difference in our experiences, between what you’ve gone through and what I’ve yet to allow myself to see and feel.

    Now I have these questions to answer for myself:
    What is time? What, is love?

  3. Radar says:

    The movie is so touching indeed…

  4. 米梦梦 says:


  5. lovesdlx says:


  6. 茶茶 says:


  7. Ting says:

    actually i’m not really understand the meaning of the movie at the first time, but after watched twice, only i understood, we have to appreciate what we have now, we own our next generation(resources like food). i quite impressive and i think this the best movie i ever watched after the movie 2012.

  8. Grace says:

    You remember what you wrote here?
    Fervently answer the call, Wayne.
    Persevere against all odds. Every single one of them.

    Love triumphs.
    Have faith.

  9. Grace says:

    You have a lot more in you than what you’ve shared with the world so far.
    Your eventual dream of having everyone go for his/her dream.. That’s what I wanted to do too years back when I was in an MLM because I saw buried potential in people including myself. But I’ve forgotten all about this for a long, long time.
    Listening to your documentary for the umpteenth time.. I’m realizing things that I can only properly absorb after I’ve done my part in realizing my own dream.

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