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Dec 5th, 2014
Interstellar: Love

Love is what binds us together. I agree with Dr. Brand that Love is something we cannot understand fully but feel so strongly for, and somehow we know that in between that understanding and mystery of love resides a source of power that seems to transcend time and space. And yes I choose to believe and trust love just because it cannot be explained and proven with science. It is meant to be embraced and shared, not made into formula and measured. I believe it’s beyond us because it is higher than us, bigger than anything we have come to know and discover.

We are love beings and therefore I trust my own feelings. I trust my friends with love. Love connects people- and just as morse code is transmitted through dots and dashes, you and me – we, are like dots in the multitude of this galaxy connected by the dashes of love. Dots and dashes, connecting you and yourself, me and myself, you and me (past, present, future versions of ourselves), transcending time, space, and our understanding of this world.
We love, and we express love by giving a part of ourselves to people we care about. We love by letting go- letting go of the things and people we hold on so dearly to. We are bound by love and as some may say- we are trapped in love, willingly and uncontrollably.
When I first saw interstellar I wondered upon the amazing stars and galaxies, a universe of possibilities and impossibilities.
It is (the) second time I am watching this movie, and I am still in awe, but this time the amazement is focused on just the idea and meaning of love. We are all romantic beings, whether we admit it or not. In fact, many of us try to hide behind rationality and explain life and existence through science, formula and theory. Eventually we give up pretending to be strong at a certain point of desperation, when we have to give in to our human nature. Mankind has achieved great things, but none of it possible without irrationalism nor passion, nor love. Love gives birth to action.
This makes me even more convinced that human beings were made IN LOVE.
Life is bred- in love, for love.
“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” (1 Corinthians 13:13)
星際效應之  愛

愛,把人們緊緊繫在一起。很認同Dr. Brand 的說法,雖然人們從未真正理解「愛」,卻總是深刻的感受它;在對愛理解與不解之間的灰色地帶,存在著一股超越時間和空間,無法真正解讀的神奇力量。是的,正因為科學無法真正解釋愛的存在價值,我對愛,深信不疑。愛,本來就不應被制式化的度量,而應該被信奉珍惜。我想,愛之高尚與偉大,是人類無法解讀它的原因,而愛的龐大程度,遠遠超越我們的想像與衡量。
「現在常存的有信、望、愛這三樣,其中最大的是愛。」(哥林多前書 13:13
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3 responses to “Interstellar: Love / 星際效應之 愛”

  1. Radar says:

    JJ, your article is very impressive. Because of love, we have actions…

  2. 米梦梦 says:


  3. Grace says:

    It’s easy to talk about love when everything is smooth and rosy and everyone’s nice. But I think love is most meaningful when people and things do not go according to plan, think misunderstandings, betrayal, misplaced expectations.. Yet we find it in ourselves to love each one of them and give thanks and praise to God in spite of that awful pain and hole they’ve created in our hearts.

    I’ve been asking a particular question again and again to nobody in particular (maybe God indirectly).. Why did Jesus had to undergo all that sufferings, insults, humiliation and the eventual crucifixion and death on the cross? God exists outside of time, He must have known that eventually more than half mankind will still continue with our strayed thinkings and ways, so why the lamb was still to be slained?

    Was the sacrifice worth it?
    Is the sacrifice still worth it?

    Sorry for the lengthy comment. When it comes to the greatest love of all, we still have a lot to catch up, don’t we?

    一起加油 =)

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